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How to choose tundish nozzles
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How to Choose Tundish Nozzles?
Hi, do you know about tundish nozzles? I think the answer is yes, let’s do a quiz, which one do you think is better? Please write your choice in the comment, then go through the following to see if your choice is bingo.

Factors Influence the Tundish Nozzle Campaign Life

When the molding pressure is about 300MPa, the bulk density of the zirconium sizing nozzle is large, the porosity is low, and the zirconium sizing nozzle has no crack after molding, and the molding effect is good. The additive can promote the zirconium sizing nozzle. Sintering is beneficial to the increase of density and the decrease of apparent porosity, and the improvement of thermal shock resistance is obvious. 
In a nutshell, that is, with the same drawing, heavier the weight is, the longer service life the tundish nozzle is.

(2)Zirconia Core

a)The content of zirconia of the inner core, we can say that the higher content of zirconia , the better performance will be achieved.
b)Length of zirconia core, with the longer zirconia core, the tundish nozzle is better.

(3)The smooth appearance means superior production process and stable quality.

Category of Tundish Nozzle
(1)Fully homogeneous sizing nozzle
The nozzle is composed of ZrO2 (60%~95%). The higher the content of ZrO2, the stronger the erosion resistance of the nozzle, the longer the service life and the higher the cost.
Uniform chemical composition, good integrity, high strength, corrosion resistance, long service life, safe and reliable.
High production cost.
(2)Compound sizing nozzle
The body is a low zirconium material, mostly zircon material, and the composite is a high zirconia material. The two are directly combined together, molded once and fired together.
The amount of ZrO2 is greatly reduced compared with the homogenizatio type, the production cost is low, the strength is high, and the corrosion resistance is good. 
Due to the zirconia content of the inner and outer layers is different, the linear expansion coefficient of the material is different, during use, there will be crackage. 
(3)Inlaid sizing nozzle
The inlaid sizing nozzle is divided into two parts: the outer casing and the inner core. They are respectively made of refractory mud and bonded together; the nozzle body is generally made of high-aluminum material; the inner core is made of zirconia. 
low production cost and good thermal shock resistance.
Zirconia  content can be produced according to different requirements.
Economic and good performance.
So what’s your answer now? Yes, A is the better choice and that is the one manufactured by CX refractories. Hope that the share is helpful for you to make the right choice in the future.