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The essentials for the use of slide gate plate
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The essentials for the use of slide gate plate
1. Prevent the occurrence of “slag going through” phenomenon during casting.
2. Pay attention to save the stroke when the continuous casting is controlled and the closing operation is completed.
3. Prevent improper operation of nozzle cleaning which could cause the expansion of the casting hole to be too large.
4. After cleaning the nozzle and removing the scrap of the colletor nozzle, carefully check the erosion of the three joints and the sliding surface of the sliding nozzle from the casting hole while moving the slide gate plate. Stop using when the joint erosion is obvious or the sliding surface is obviously rough.
5. While pushing and pulling the slide gate plate in the whole process, check the matching condition of the sliding surface of the upper and lower slide gate plates from outside the mechanism to determine whether the mechanism and the spring work normally. If there is a gap between the sliding surfaces or the sliding speed of the lower slide gate plate is too fast or too slow, etc., stop using.